Friday, August 9, 2013

Starting a Book Review Blog

     It's summer, which means the weather forecast is fog, fog, fog; at least here in the Bay Area. What better to do, but stay inside and read? Well, actually, to read and review books that can help you decide whether you want to buy, rent, or burn a novel. That's how I intend to spend the forthcoming weeks of summer, and for seasons to come.
     I suppose it is important to know what type of books I will be reviewing. After all, I don't have the versatility to cover picture books on donkeys and Scandinavian autobiographies in the same week. Rather, my focus will be in YA and adult fiction.

                                            I love to read ADVENTURE!

                                                                                  And ACTION!

                                          Maybe a dash of MYSTERY,

                                                                                         and a splash of SCIENCE FICTION!

                                                Tons of URBAN FANTASY,

                                                                                      and a hint of DYSTOPIAN!

     Reading Tip #1: When you get bored while reading, read aloud! Use a deep or insightful narrator voice. Make up funny voices for the supporting characters. But, try not to do it on the bus. I mean, I have made a few friends this way, but none of them were, well...sane.

     Anyway, thank you for popping your head in, and hopefully my reviews can drag you through the doorway and plop you on my couch so you can browse through my whole bookshelf.

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