Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review of Darrell Pitt's "Diary of a Teenage Superhero"

Quickie Review:

A short book with a lot to show. It cost a dollar on, and it is well worth the price. That is not to say it was amazing, but I’m glad I spent my dollar on Diary than on a McChicken. You may find this book on my shelf collecting dust.

Full Length Review:


Axel wakes up with amnesia and discovers he has air related powers. He unites with a bunch of other super powered teens to fight some villains who threaten them with torture. Then they are recruited by a school where they train to save the world.

Now I can’t grade that plot alone, because that is practically every book I read, so I’ll throw into the mix, alien that works for the government that ties in to the end of the book. Not making sense? Well, now we’re on the same level.



The characters are somewhat stereotypical and don't undergo much development, so I’ll describe them by their powers. Axel is the last airbender, Brodie isthe reincarnation of Bruce Lee, Dan is half Magneto half Jedi, Chad is the offspring of Mr. Freeze and the Human Torch and finally Ebony, is the better version of Zan from the wonder twins. They all share the common weakness of special guns that impair their powers. As far as that aspect goes, superpowers usually defining the book in the superhero genre, the powers weren't bad. Some of the characters seem like they are overpowered, namely Dan who could use Jedi mind tricks so long as they didn't advance the plot.



The book is set around the island of Manhattan and in an underground base, all present day.

As for description, I’d rather describe some of the homages to other superheroes, at least I hope these were intentional. And SPOILERS. Axel flies to catch a missile much like Superman, jedi mind tricks as previously mentioned and by the combined powers of all the superteens, the bad guy is turned to stone, much like the end of The Fantastic Four.

2.79/5 (scientific calculation)

Writing Style:

This book is told in first person, present tense.

Now, off topic, but I’m just wondering if the author, Darrell Pitt, chose a pseudonym, or if that is his real name. Was he trying to go for something awesome, because it sounds like a Louisiana car salesman to me? Pitt is usually associated with Brad Pitt. Cool, Hollywood name. But put Darrell in front of it, and you drain the awesome out.

On a scale of Darrell Pitt to Brad Pitt, I would give this a Moses Pitt.



            Maybe Darrell will be a cool name in 30 years, I don’t know.



            Plot:  2/5

            Characters: 3/5

            Setting/Description: 2.79/5

            Writing Style: 3/5

            Potential: ?/5

Final: 2.7/5


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